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Hall of Fame

Nomination Procedure:

The purpose of the MATA Hall of Fame is to honor those individuals who have worked or are working in the State of Maine and have made significant contributions to the profession of athletic training, particularly at the state level.

Nomination Procedures:
  • Any MATA member may make nominations to the Vice President of the MATA
  • Nomination should be in the form of a typed letter of recommendation including a biography of the nominee’s qualifications and activities on forms provided by MATA
  • Candidates may include Licensed Athletic Trainers, Physicians, and other individuals who have had a direct relationship and positive influence pertaining to the Athletic Training profession in Maine.

  • The Vice President will forward a detailed biography form to the nominated candidate for completion. If the nominee is deceased, information will be acquired from the person who submitted the nomination.
  • Following the final selection process, the names will be submitted to the MATA Executive Board for final approval.
  • The MATA Executive Board must approve any exceptions to these procedures.
  • Nominations are due by February 15th of each year for induction into the Hall of Fame at the annual spring meeting and awards banquet meeting in March.

Criteria for Nomination:

  • A Minimum of 15 years as a member of MATA, or involvement with MATA / athletic training, in the case of Physicians and others
  • Citizenship:
    • Candidates should display qualities that exemplify the highest standards in the profession of Athletic Training.
  • Outstanding contribution to the profession of Athletic Training in the state of Maine
    • Involvement with MATA
    • Promotional activities in the community
    • Presentations and public appearances
  • Participation in statewide activities, such as State Games, Senior Games, Special Olympics, etc.

Additional Considerations:

  • Involvement at the district and the national level
  • Research/Educational Accomplishments
  • Honors/Awards

Hall of Fame Nomination Form (PDF)
Hall of Fame Nomination Form (DOC)

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